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Welcome to our dedicated HCP Community. We are expert manufacturers and suppliers of Cl-ear, a specialist range of medical device ear healthcare products. The range includes products for the treatment of problematic cerumen (ear wax) and a product for the relief of ear pain, itching and inflammation of the outer ear canal.

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Up to 4 million people in the UK suffer from cerumenosis and as the ageing population and lifestyle trends such as the new ‘earbud generation’ demographic in the UK fuels growth in our category, we are pleased to introduce you to the Cl-ear range and support both audiologists in your treatment programmes and pharmacists in your recommendations.

Mr Neel Raithatha, Consultant Audiologist, ‘The Wax Whisperer’ is our healthcare adviser and will be a regular contributor to our Community, offering expert opinion and insight into the changing hearing health landscape.

Cl-ear Product with Large Spray Pack Showing Awards

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Our Healthcare Adviser, Mr Neel Raithatha

Mr Neel Raithatha

Mr Neel Raithatha, Consultant Audiologist BSc (Hons), RHAD, MSHAA, The Wax Whisperer, and clinical ear care specialist, is a world-leading endoscopic earwax removal microsuction expert.

He is a pioneer in his field and we are delighted to have the benefit of his knowledge, advice and recommendations on the role of Cl-ear ear care products within the microsuction process, both before and after treatment.

Mr Raithatha is also working with us on potential innovations in earwax removal products to further benefit both audiology treatments and new customer demand in pharmacy.

HCP Education Portal

  1. Patient Education Infographic

    NEW Patient Education Infographic for Download

    We recently commissioned research into the nation’s hearing health habits, discovering that DIY ear wax removal is rife, with 76% of people using cotton buds to clean out their ears, followed by fingers, pens, keys, and even hair grips. We also found that over 50% of 25-34 year olds also use earbuds for at least an hour a day.

    As we know, DIY ear care is never recommended. Cotton buds et al are more likely to push wax further into the ear than to help the transition out, and prolonged ear bud usage can cause excessive wax build up. We’ve produced an educational infographic, highlighting the dangers of DIY ear care and other hearing health habits which is freely available as a patient education tool.

    Download: The Cl-ear Patient Education Infographic

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  2. The Changing Face of the Hearing Health Landscape Mr Neel Raithatha Consultant Audiologist BSc (Hons), RHAD, MSHA

    The number of people suffering from excess earwax, or cerumenosis, is increasing, but earwax removal is no longer one of the core services GPs are obliged to provide. In England for example people suffering from a build-up of ear wax are no longer entitled to have their ears syringed (irrigated) on the NHS. This imbalance has created a gap for Audiologists and Pharmacists to step into, offering both in-clinic ear wax removal procedures and over the counter products  both of which are an essential part of the earwax removal process.

    New Demographics

    With the advent of social media, especially YouTube, earwax is no longer a taboo topic of conversation and there is a lot more awareness amongst the general public. I also see lots of people in my clinic for whom menopause is the trigger due to hormonal changes causing skin dehydration, and dead skin collecting in the ear. In addition, I am starting to see an ever growing number of patients for whom the current trend for earbuds is also causing issues, blocking the natural migration of earwax and causing infection. In fact ear bud cleaners to remove earwax are now available to buy, so we know this is potentially an even larger problem.

    Olive Oil and Microsuction Working Together

    My clinic’s primary role is earwax removal and I use the Cl-ear Olive Oil Ear Spray as part of the treatment process. I always advise newly trained and qualified ear wax removal specialists to ask their patients to use olive oil ear spray for a few days to a week prior to microsuction; it softens the earwax and makes it so much easier to remove. I quite often use the spray during treatment on very hardened earwax and it can also be recommended post microsuction, to be used on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to help prevent another earwax build-up and to also help moisture the delicate skin lining the ear canal. It’s a matter of personal preference but my patients tend to much prefer spray to drops for easier application.

    Similarly, when a patient presents in pharmacy with suspected earwax, the pharmacist can safely recommend Cl-ear Olive Oil Ear Spray or Drops, on the understanding that further treatment, ie microsuction might also be necessary. I am training increasing numbers of pharmacists who are now offering microsuction in their pharmacy.

    The Future for Hearing Health

    I believe that the hearing health landscape will continue to evolve, as general awareness of earwax removal methods brings more patients into clinics and pharmacies, and healthcare practitioners will play an increasingly important role in the treatment process. Olive oil also plays its part. Our ears secrete their own natural oils to moisturise the ear and prevent bacteria and infection occurring, and olive oil ear spray or drops are literally more of the same. In the same way that people regularly use eye drops, I would like to see everyone (unless you have a perforated eardrum) using olive oil drops or spray once a week to keep their ears in good working order.

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  3. Types of Cerumen

    As we know, earwax is medically known as cerumen, a brown/yellow substance (6.1 pH) and secreted in the outer cartilaginous third of the external auditory meatus. It is composed of keratin, oily sweat and sebum. Oily sweat is secreted by the Ceruminous glands which only become active around puberty. Sebum is made up of alcohols, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol, so could be said to be diet dependent.

    Types of earwax are genetically determined by one gene, the ABCC11 gene:

    Wet earwax – BCC11 that contains the dominant DNA sequence Guanine allele resulting in the production of more ceruminous glands, so the cerumen has a higher fat content and less keratin. Wet earwax is more prevalent in Africans and Europeans, and goes hand in hand with wet armpits and body odour

    Dry earwax – BCC11 that contains the recessive DNA sequence Adenine allele resulting in no ceruminous glands so the cerumen has a lower fat content but more keratin. It is more prevalent in East Asians and Native Americans, and older people who are more likely to have dry skin

    Earwax Function & Benefits

    Epithelial skin cells in the ear have evolved in the human ear to migrate sideways and laterally out of the ear canal in a ‘conveyor belt motion’ at a rate of between 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm a month. Earwax is naturally expelled out of the ear as part of this process, alongside any foreign particles and dust that may have entered the ear and stuck itself onto the earwax. Earwax is naturally acidic so has anti-microbial properties, and also has evolved to act as an insect repellent.

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  4. Spotlight on Cl-ear Olive Oil Spray

    Spotlight on Cl-ear Olive Oil Spray

    One of our increasingly recommended products  is Cl-ear Olive Oil Ear Spray. With its superior nozzle design for targeted application, the spray mists a coating of medicinal grade olive oil over the earwax. Most patients find the spray easier to administer than drops.

    The Olive oil formulation is refined, and therefore thin in viscosity and so drains effectively out of the ear. In addition, olive oil (and cerumen) is naturally acidic and therefore possess anti-microbial properties, so helping to fight bacteria and fungus.

    For best results Mr Raithatha recommends that patients Soak & Drain:

    • Always apply spray or drops at room temperature or the patient may feel dizzy
    • Apply the spray then tilt the ear towards the ceiling for 5 minutes
    • Drain holding a tissue underneath with the ear to the floor

    This product can be recommended as a pre-treatment prior  to professional microsuction or irrigation. It can also be used once a week to prevent a further wax build-up.  

    Ingredients: 100% Olive Oil BP

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The Cl-ear Range

Cl-ear offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of drops and spray products to treat and prevent earwax including Cl-ear Olive Oil Ear Spray and Cl-ear Olive Oil Ear Drops and Cl-ear Express Urea Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Drops. It is also one of the only OTC brands to offer a product to soothe pain and inflammation of the outer ear canal (Cl-ear Ear Relief Ear Drops). All products are Medical Devices

Cl-ear Product with Large Spray Pack Showing Awards

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